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Where every pet is
always welcome!

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Join Our



865 Cypress Pkwy.

Poinciana, FL 34759 

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday to Saturday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm


2501 Trafalgar Blvd.

Kissimmee, FL 34758

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday to Saturday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Pet Grooming

Everything you need to keep your dog healthy, clean and beautiful, professionally delivered.

Golden Retriever

Dog Dental

Professional dental deep cleaning for dogs, non anesthetic, painless services performed by dentists specialized in dog dental care, with the latest available technology.


Self Serve
Pet Wash

For the DIY parent, you can come to our Poinciana location and have your pet clean, nice and pretty by yourself.

Couch Cat Under Blanket


Yes! We do cats as well, your little tiger is always welcome. 

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Other Pets &

Bring them in, if something can be done, of course we'll do it!

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Vet & Vaccination

Low cost vaccinations and check up for your pets, our veterinary doctors come every four weeks to provide the best in class service for our vaccinations clinics.

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